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About Us

About Us Page is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Bellevue, WA. We started this business to help current and new Business Owners with the tough task of building a website and marketing the website online. There are a lot of things you can do yourself as a business owner but marketing is a skill in itself, especially Digital Marketing. We have an approach that is not only effective but also cost effective. Our Focus is on Reputation Management (Online Reviews) and we provide this and other digital services like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Local SEO, Web Development, Social Media Growth, and anything really that has to do with generating leads online.  We help all types of businesses. We provide a service to CPA Firms, Real Estate Attorney’s and Home Service Businesses, E-Commerce Brands, and any local business looking to be seen online so they could start generating leads, which can turn to product sales and/or service offerings.

Bellevue, WA first started in 2016 unofficially within Evans Ojwang’s Real Estate Investment business. Evans was helping a new partner setup his online presence and marketing system the way he had his setup. He built the marketing system and website for a consultation fee, and since then he has been helping business owners in the Real Estate Industry with online lead generation

Officially incorporated in 2021 under the new name Get Seen, LLC, our business now has opened the door to many different real estate related companies. was previously a service under Evans Ojwang’s Real Estate Coaching program for about 5 years.

Him and his team helped other Real Estate Investors get an edge online but now we have a team to help Home Inspectors, Law Offices, Exterior Home Services, Flooring Companies, CPA’s, Real Estate Agents, and many more! as long as you have a physical location we can help you locally no matter if you have multiple locations. We have a Virtual Team in the the United States and overseas.

Our main focus is helping local businesses rank and build their reputation online. We can build you a new website, increase your reviews so you have credibility online, and then we can add on top of that direct marketing channels like facebook Ads, Google Ads, and long-term option like Search Engine Optimization. 

Evans Ojwang


I started as an Entrepreneur in 2012 after college. November that year I Incorporated my first business. I got into the Real Estate Industry as an investor/flipper. It took me about four months for me to do my first deal and then another four months to do my second deal. 

One thing I was good at before I even became an entrepreneur was sales. Since 2006 I had multiple jobs in Retail, Inside, and Outside Sales. Sales is the number one skill each entrepreneur should possess. The second skill is marketing

My second year in Real Estate I realized I needed to master marketing because my business model was based on me contracting and buying houses below market value which is not easy at all! so I had to market to home owners via Direct Mail, Yard Signs, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and most importantly a website was the beginning of all of this. 

I got so good I was doing multiple deals per month and have been doing this full-time until today. I also have other businesses that stem from my original business along with I started just because of the need the I saw in the marketplace and that need is enormous today. My team and I look forward to working with your business and helping you grow online!


Getting Started


Make sure you fill out the form below and then you will be directed to our calendar. There you can book a free 1 hour Zoom consultation. During the consultation, we will ask you more information about your company and show you where you can improve. We can share screens and other methods.


During the Zoom call if you want to hire us, we will talk more in detail about what we do, and how we can help your company specifically. We will also go over what you are looking for, your deadline, budget, and if everything is a fit, we can set a follow-up meeting to start implementation.  


We will start to implement the plan we discussed. We will give you Weekly reports depending on the service you get. We will also train you or someone on your team on how to use the system, but overall it will be hands off for the most part. We want you to focus more on sales!

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