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Case Studies

Marketing, Sales & Automation Case Studies

2021 - Present

These case studies below are going to be mostly about what I have been up to most recently when it comes to Digital Marketing. I will also show my knowledge and skill when it comes to automating and building sales systems. My skill set is in Sales, Marketing, and Automation. All of 2021 I was living in Mexico, working remotely while working on these projects and others.

When it comes to the brands and systems below. I build them from the ground up. Graphic Design, Web development (Wordpress), Copywriting, VSL (Video Sales Letter), Logo’s, etc.. I also built the Customized Automated CRM using Podio, Zapier, Globiflow, Twilio, and other softwares. I have also used platforms like Kajabi, Kartra, Samcart, and Ning to create password protected Membership sites. is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Bellevue, WA. We started this business to help current and new Business Owners with the tough task of building a website and marketing the website online. 

Here at Lessonplace, we help students from all walks of life, age, and gender, learn and improve their English. We are American Native English speakers that specialize in helping you feel more confident when speaking.

We buy and sell properties by trying to always create win-win situations for all parties involved. We are a company that does business with Integrity and have our partners and sellers best Interest in mind. 

Website for Real Estate Investors, Developers, and Agents who represent Investors. This is where they can buy discount properties in Washington, Texas, and North Carolina.

Lessonplace Case Study

Web Development | Social Media | Youtube | Google Ads | Facebook Ads | Copywriting | Graphic Design is a brand I started in 2021 while I was in Mexico. I built this brand for myself and also as a benchmark for future Online Tutoring Business clients. I build the website, did all the copyrighting, sales videos, funnel, connected the merchant accounts, connected the membership sites on the back end, email marketing autoresponders, Logo, and all the graphic design.

I ran a micro facebook Ad and Google Ad campaign for about 2 weeks. The goal first was to test the Facebook Ads after getting in compliance with the new ios14 privacy rules without adding my work around to collecting the data that Apple is keeping facebook from gathering, and sending it back to Facebook to have better performing Ads.

The Ad Strategy was:

  1. Send traffic to the site from facebook Ads
  2. Site visitors that didn’t opt-in, will get Re-marketed with Google Display Ads
  3. Google video ads on youtube aimed at building the youtube subscribers list
  4. Re-market to the youtube audiences with Google Display Ads.

Current Results

Currently this site is generating new leads but not from Facebook Ads or Google. The students are coming from a free source. I can turn the ads back on, optimize the ads and bring the Cost Per Lead down but at this moment it will be too expensive with the budget I have for this specific site. The strategy right now is to grow this organically or see where it goes organically then apply Ads.

Membership Sites: Coaching Programs

Samcart | Kajabi | Kartra | Ning | Optimizemember | Wordpress

I built membership sites and funnels for organic and paid traffic. The platforms I used for these were Kajabi, Kartra, Wordpress, Samcart, and OptimizeMember, and others. Some of my best ads were for membership courses. I did the Ads and all the websites, copy, graphic design, etc..

Video Explanation

This video talks about the Membership sites for Real Estate Professionals I created from top to bottom. I did all the copy, videos, graphic design, layouts. I used Kartra, Optimizepress & Wordpress. 

Video has 10,000 views and it was me advertising the platform I was using for one of my websites at the time. This site had many keywords #1 on Google search results in Seattle and surrounding areas. 

This video below has received 11,000 Organic views since its creation. I’m teaching Real Estate Professionals how to outsource most of their mundane tasks overseas via Virtual Assistants. 

I’m breaking down how I closed a seller who was in a tough situation. I found a solution and made things happen. This is an example of my sales background and also account management skills.

CRM Sales Automation

Podio | Globiflow (Citrix) | Zapier | Twilio | Calendly | Aweber | Mailchimp | Grasshopper

Sales and Marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly, so they have to be able to seamlessly work together. In my Real Estate Business in the past, I created an automated CRM that talked to the websites, forms, and collected all the leads, brought them to the CRM, then the sales team took it from there with more automations. If a real person is not there to answer, there are autoresponders will respond via text, email, and ringless voicemail. I created these types of systems for Real Estate Professionals.

Video Examples

These are videos from 2016 – 2019. These were automations that I helped other business set-up. In this case I was using Podio but in other cases I can use Hubspot, Salesforce, and other similar CRM systems that are Integrated with Zapier, have API, and also cannot directly integrate with the many SaaS products that are offered today.

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