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Recent PPC Examples

Facebook & Instagram Ads

2022 -2023

This is a health brand using Shopify. I was helping a client test out products and ab/test. Also included is a Real Estate Coaching brand. These are the only accounts I still have access to. All other Ad accounts I dont have access to because I no longer with the company or client. 

Shopify Health Niche

2020 -2021

Real Estate Coaching

Real Estate Investment coaching brand that had products ranging from $300 – $15,000 with different landing pages, upsells, and conversion times and points. 

Marketing, Sales & Automation For Coaching Franchise

Automation & Marketing For a Franchise

2022 -2023

Worked as a Marketing Manager at ActionCOACH, the #1 Business Coaching Franchise is the world. Here are the important numbers:

  1. Generated 150 – 200 Targeted Leads per month from Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google, SEO, LinkedIN, and Business Brokers.
  2. Created the website, logo, copyrighting, videos, images, and all the advertising assets.
  3. Migration from old CRM to HubSpot and 100+ automations created with the implementation of phone numbers, text, and email automations for United States, Australia, and New Zealand. 
  4. Product being offered was at the $100,000 price point. It was a Franchise Opportunity and I targeted potential Franchisees. 
  5. Created the back end systems for Australia & New Zealand locations with HubSpot Automations