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Case Studies

CRM Sales Automation For Real Estate Investors

Podio | Globiflow (Citrix) | Zapier | Twilio | Calendly | Aweber | Mailchimp | Grasshopper

Sales and Marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly, so they have to be able to seamlessly work together. In my Real Estate Business in the past, I created an automated CRM that talked to the websites, forms, and collected all the leads, brought them to the CRM, then the sales team took it from there with more automations. If a real person is not there to answer, there are autoresponders will respond via text, email, and ringless voicemail. I created these types of systems for Real Estate Professionals.

Video Examples

These are videos from 2016 – 2019. These were automations that I helped other business set-up. In this case I was using Podio but in other cases I can use Hubspot, Salesforce, and other similar CRM systems that are Integrated with Zapier, have API, and also cannot directly integrate with the many SaaS products that are offered today.

Marketing, Sales & Automation For Coaching Franchise

Automation & Marketing For a Franchise

Worked as a Marketing Manager at ActionCOACH, the #1 Business Coaching Franchise is the world. Here are the important numbers:

  1. Generated 150 – 200 Targeted Leads per month from Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google, SEO, LinkedIN, and Business Brokers.
  2. Created the website, logo, copyrighting, videos, images, and all the advertising assets.
  3. Migration from old CRM to HubSpot and 100+ automations created with the implementation of phone numbers, text, and email automations for United States, Australia, and New Zealand. 
  4. Product being offered was at the $100,000 price point. It was a Franchise Opportunity and I targeted potential Franchisees. 
  5. Created the back end systems for Australia & New Zealand locations with HubSpot Automations


What To Expect & Getting Started


 On this strategy call we learn what systems are manual, what you want automated, and any new systems you want to implement. 


Next call we create a framework of what you want and start to put together your systems and processes exactly how you want them! 


This will be the activation call! we show the new system and also provide back end SOP video training for your departments.


After 30 days, based on your feedback, we will fix any bugs & also discuss about an ongoing continuation plan that works best for you.