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Marketing Plan


The Home Services Industry as a whole is set to grow by 35% in the next 3-6 years. If I think about it, I never really see an HVAC ad or flooring ad online. These companies are mainly found through Google My Business Listings and referrals. Even in my Real Estate Business, I just ask another Investor and they tell me who they use and I just take their word for it and call the company.

A problem that I noticed is not every Home Service Business has a Marketing Department. Usually one person does marketing and other tasks in the business, but no one is fully dedicated to it, especially Digital Marketing. The company might have a website, but its typically not optimized for conversions or SEO. Another thing is the lack of videos! This is critically important! especially today.



The solution is simple, but it will recommend you as the firm Owner/Manager/Marketer, to step out of your comfort zone. Below we have a full marketing plan for you to see and follow. The videos will talk about Offline and Online Methods, both new and old. The key thing that can change everything is strategically using videos! and optimizing your web presence so you appear like you are everywhere, the consumer browses. Find out more below!

Important Statistics

According to a article, videos are the future of Marketing online. This makes sense because most people want to talk to a live person and videos are the closest thing to doing just that. Wix is a leading drag & drop web platform for new business owners.

Video Content

Increase In Organic Traffic

video landing page

More Clicks

Video About Product

More Likely To Buy

Plan Overview

This is an overview of a Marketing plan for the Home Services Industry. Evans talks about how to market offline and how to market online. Both methods are essential for your growth.

Digital Marketing Plan

In this Digital Marketing Plan, we introduce something we call the Omnipresent Marketing Model. This model is designed to position yourself everywhere online. Wherever your potential customers are browsing online, you will be there!

CRM System

If you don’t already have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System in place then we can provide a platform for you. This is critically important because you need a place to store and nurture all of your leads. Without systems and organization, it’s impossible to scale your operation.

Website Example

This video will show you an example of a website we created and only spent $197 in marketing. Evans will walk you through the important aspects of a website, social sites, and how we generated 55 students with this Tutoring website/platform. 

Getting Started


Make sure you fill out the form below and then you will be directed to our calendar. There you can book a free 1 hour Zoom consultation. During the consultation, we will ask you more information about your company and show you where you can improve. We can share screens and other methods.


During the Zoom call if you want to hire us, we will talk more in detail about what we do, and how we can help your company specifically. We will also go over what you are looking for, your deadline, budget, and if everything is a fit, we can set a follow-up meeting to start implementation.  


We will start to implement the plan we discussed. We will give you Weekly reports depending on the service you get. We will also train you or someone on your team on how to use the system, but overall it will be hands off for the most part. We want you to focus more on sales!

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